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SecurEnvoy are the original inventors of tokenless authentication.

The first text was sent in 1992 followed by the very first SMS authentication being performed by our co-founder Andy Kemshall in 1996. SecurEnvoy then made the future of tokenless possible by bringing authentication via SMS to reality when beta testing started in the millennium. By 2003 the solution was commercially available and business grade and SecurEnvoy became a limited company. In 2013 SecurEnvoy became a PLC.

As the original inventors of tokenless authentication, our goal is to continue to design innovative solutions that take advantage of the users mobile phones or other personal devices as the "something you own" part of two factor authentication and resolve issues that have prevented their adoption such as SMS delays, no phone signal or soft token synchronisation problems.

We believe in leveraging existing infrastructure such as Active Directory and designing easy to use solutions that do what they say on the tin without unnecessary complexity.

Our innovative approach to the TokenlessĀ® market now sees thousands of users benefitting from our solutions all over the world. With users deployed across five continents, our customers benefit from significant reduced time to deploy and a zero footprint approach means there is no remote software deployment and administrators enjoy the management tools allowing them to rapidly deploy up to 100,000 users per hour.

Our design philosophy is based on re-using existing customer technology investments such as Microsoft Active Directory, simplifying the end user authentication experience while enhancing the overall security

With no token manufacturing costs the return on investment (ROI) is so much more acceptable to businesses and organizations, and environmentally the green benefits of a zero carbon footprint also attract environmentally responsible purchasers. We are truly now providing solutions that have zero impact on our environment.

SecurEnvoy distribute through the channel, providing customers the value added benefits of working with local partners. We continue to expand our technical and sales infrastructure to support most languages and cultures around the world.

SecurEnvoy continues to shape the way millions of people plan their authentication requirements and purchasing decisions.

Founded by Andrew Kemshall and Stephen Watts, the two founders work relentlessly to achieve business growth worldwide. This massive growth has been possible through the quality of people and the experience within the company.

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