Allot Communications

Allot Communications is a global provider of intelligent broadband solutions that put mobile, fixed and corporate networks at the center of the digital lifestyle. Allot's DPI-based solutions identify and leverage the business intelligence in data networks, allowing operators to capitalise on the network traffic they generate.

Product Portfolio
Allot's high-performance platforms - Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer - analyse data and enforce traffic policy at speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 160 Gbps. Inside each scalable platform, the unique "Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology" (DART) engine employs multiple deep packet inspection and analytical methods to identify network traffic by subscriber, application, device and network
topology. This intelligence can be acted upon by mapping these elements into policy enforcement rules.

The result: Operators can regulate bandwidth utilisation and quality of experience based on network conditions, user profiles and desired outcomes.

Why Allot?
- Allot Communications unique value begins with proprietary technologies that are exceptional in their own right, and are made even more effective by the way they are seamlessly woven into carrier-class products and solutions.
- This value continues with know-how acquired through years of experience designing and implementing use cases with service providers of all sizes. From RFP to ATP and beyond, Allot has the expertise to deliver successful outcomes.
- Allot achieves results through collaboration. They champion the standards that make the ecosystem work, and recruit the solution partners that are right for operators.

Usage Scenarios
- Increase revenues by monetising network usage through the implementation of value-added services and value-based charging models.
- Reduce costs by optimising the delivery and performance of over-the-top content and cloud services.
- Improve customer loyalty and reduce churn by personalising operator oerings with a compelling choice of service tiers and digital lifestyle options.

At a Glance
- 1000+ Fixed broadband operators
- 80+ Mobile broadband operators
- 900+ corporations
- Serving more than 1.5 billion subscribers in over 100 countries


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