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Changing virtual machine formats on demand is not a luxury, but a real necessity right now. That's exactly why StarWind brings V2V Converter to its customers. Most vendors have developed their own VM formats, which are not accepted by other hypervisors. That's not at all convenient and StarWind V2V Converter solves this problem with ease.

Here’s what StarWind V2V Converter does:

  • Converts VMs freely between the major formats – VMDK, VHD(X) and StarWind native IMG, basically "cloning" it, leaving the original intact.


  • As a side effect from the previous feature, there's an additional backup copy of the converted VM, so the process becomes completely safe.


  • Enables the activation of Windows Repair Mode when converting to VHDX format. This way, the VM adapts to the changes in hardware environment without any issues.

Download the latest version of V2V Converter here

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New Success Story

Successful Implementation of StarWind Virtual SAN in University Advancement - Colorado State University

"The simplicity, reliability and performance are unmatched, especially when you consider that the pricing comes in less than the competitors. After one year in production service, we'd easily and readily recommend StarWind's software to any server admin looking for a robust and cost-effective SAN, without the single point of failure or proprietary operating system of a hardware solution."

- Paul Harmon, Server & Network Administrator

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