Connector Systems signs SecurEnvoy

Connector Systems is very pleased to announce the welcome addition of Tokenless Two Factor Authentication vendor - SecurEnvoy - to their security division.

SecurEnvoy provide a solid and reliable innovative solution for two factor authentication that millions of users experience everyday that's easy to use, manage and deploy.

As the original inventors of tokenless authentication, their goal is to continue to design innovative solutions that take advantage of the users mobile phones or other personal device as the "something you own" part of two factor authentication and resolve issues that have prevented their adoption such as SMS delays, no phone signal or synchronisation problems.

The goal is to leverage existing infrastructure such as Active Directory and designing easy to use solutions that do what they say on the tin without unnecessary complexity.  Re-use the existing device you carry to be a token, its the users decision which devices as SecurEnvoy support them all.

The richness of the product is the breadth of choice that's in the users hands. BYOD is supported by enabling any device the user purchases to be used as an authenticator, called BYOT - bring your own token. Supporting both on-premise and cloud hosted services is the customer choice. Majority of customers buy on-premise as SecurEnvoy utilize so much of the existing infrastructure making management and deployment easy. Cloud and AaaS providers are however using the power of SecurEnvoy and this is a powerful offering as an alternative.

When SecurEnvoy say "authenticate anyone, anywhere on any phone" that's exactly what is achieved. With their tokenless solution they can offer multi factor authentication to anyone with a GSM device, at anytime, from anywhere.


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