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Aspen Optics identified two trends in pluggable optics over a decade ago -

1) Switch vendors were charging ridiculous money for optics, cables and other bits and pieces for the network solutions they offered.

2) OEM vendors in Asia provided compatible hardware, but not with switch-tested and properly coded optics to meet the needs of mission critical telecom and enterprise datacenters.

And so, for more than 10 years, Aspen Optics has been filling the gap between the quality expectations of the enterprise and telco customer, and what the OEM hardware providers in Asia are delivering.


And thats how Apsen Optics we are in the position to help you save HUGE amounts of money when purchasing optics.


Can't believe that this can be real? 

Then why not try before you buy?  


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 Here's more information on Aspen Optics:


The Apsen Optics Geebic Fibre Optical Transceivers are compatible all major brands as shown below:


Apsen Optics' unique products help stretch network expansion budget further through:


Innovative products supporting legacy switching hardware


100% in-switch testing in our Hong Kong Lab


Access to technical expertise for customers through NZ distributor - Connector Systems


Arriving at a price/performance ratio that makes sense


Providing a delivery model that is flexible to allow for planning deployments the way YOU want


Making it easy to acquire and test Aspen products without obligation


Providing technical and customer service quickly to any customer who purchases Aspen products or plans to.


Use the configurator below to see the compatible Aspen Optic!

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